Agent-based Simulators

A Simple Agent-based Macroeconomic Model

This simple model is built by students taking the MSc Computational Economics, Financial Markets and Policy course at the University of Essex. This is a lab-based exercise in EC910, based on Lengnick (2013).


Artificial Stock Market Simulation

This section will cover a set of simulators: the Markose et. al. Herding and Guru Model of Endogenous boom and bust dynamics and also the Santa Fe Institute Stock Market Model.

Flow Network Simulator

Project with the Financial Stability Group at the Bank of England to study how systemic risk is affected by the structure of the financial system, using simulations based on random graphs.

Interbank Payment System Simulator

The IPSS is a simulation tool to test different interbank payment systems configurations, including RTGS, DNS and Hybrid systems, using agents. The simulator allows the user to compare the effects on costs, number of delayed payments, strategic behaviour and liquidity-delay tradeoff, under different payment system configurations.

Herding Simulator

The Herding Simulator is the fundamental to explain the role of the contrary payoff structure in many real world games such as The Stock Market Game for Creating Boom and Bust Dynamics.


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