Sheri Markose awarded the 2017 Eubank Prize by the Rice University , Houston , USA for

For integrative synthesis and data driven leadership toward understanding  systemic risk in global financial markets.

Sheri gave a course on this at Rice University April 2017

Topics covered were
1.  Systemic Risk and Network Analysis for Global Derivatives Markets
2. G20 Reforms Collateralization and CCPs: Solvency and Liquidity Systemic Risk
3. CCP’s as “super systemic’: Designing skin-in-game for CCP’s

Readings include:  Markose, S.M, Giansante, S., Eterovic, N., Gatkowksi, M.

Early Warning and Systemic Risk in Core Global Banking: Balance Sheet Financial Network and Market Price-Based  Methods.
Available at , see also, the paper below.



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