Interbank Payment System Simulator (IPSS) – An agent based approach

The IPSS is a simulation tool to test different interbank payment systems configurations, including RTGS, DNS and Hybrid systems, using agents. The simulator allows the user to compare the effects on costs, number of delayed payments, strategic behaviour and liquidity-delay tradeoff, under different payment system configurations. Based on Markose, Sheri M and Alentorn, Amadeo and Millard, Stephen and Yang, Jing (2011) “Designing large value payment systems: An agent-based approach.”
Guru Simulator paper
Markose, Sheri M and Alentorn, Amadeo and Krause, Andreas (2004) “Dynamic Learning, Herding and Guru Effects in Networks.”

Presentation at the CCBS (Bank of England) at the Expert Forum: Payment System Architecture and Oversight: 31-Jan-2005 to 02-Feb-2005

Click Here to run IPSS ver 2.10  (30th Jan 2005)


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