31 May – June 4  Sheri Visits IMF and Office of Financial Research (OFR), USA, Washington DC


While there, Sheri delivered a number of talks on the need to use more data driven granular and interconnected models in macroeconomic and macro-prudential models. She also spoke about the financial network modelling for systemic risk management: Applications to cross border banking system and over the counter derivatives reforms.

The talk was followed by technical discussions with IMF staff on:

  • Network methods for systemic risk indices for early warning
  • The integration of systemic risk analysis and stress testing;
  • Carry trades and agent based models.

Sheri has noted that there are serious legacy problems at institutions such as the IMF to move on from perspectives and models (heavy with implausible assumptions and poor data resolution ) that got us into deep trouble with the 2007 GFC.


For any further information, please contact scher@essex.ac.uk