Professor Sheri Markose joins Jean-Claude Trichet and others to speak at the Kiel Institute

Sheri  will be giving two lectures on Systemic Risk Modelling Using Network
Analysis and Policy Design from a Complex Adaptive System Perspective at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy Summer School, June 24-30, 2012.

Speakers include :
Jean-Claude Trichet ( former President, ECB)
Tommaso Monacelli ( Bocconi University)
Sheri Markose ( University of Essex)
Werner DeBondt (De Paul University, Chicago)
Enrique Mendoza ( University of Maryland )

Markose Lectures: Multi-Agent Financial Network Models (MAFN) For Systemic  Risk Management: A New Complexity Perspective

Lecture 1: Eigen-Pair Analysis of Financial Systemic Risk and Design of Super-Spreader Tax To Mitigate Moral Hazard (Slides)

Lecture 2: Design of Robust Macro-prudential Policy: Why a new complexity approach and MAFNs ? (Slides)


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