ACEFINMOD stands for Agent-based Computational Economics and Financial Modelling.

This website was set up in 2009 by the Essex Group (Professor Sheri Markose, Simone Giansante, Matuesz Gatkowski and Ali Rais Shaghaghi. Ali is the webmaster of this site), during the course of the COMISEF EC Research Training Network. We gratefully acknowledge funding from this EC project.


The aim of the COMISEF project is to develop non -traditional computational methods for economics and financial modelling. Of these agent-based computational economics (ACE) is at the forefront of addressing major problems of mainstream economics and finance. Multi-agent models include agents that are both inanimate (eg. repositories of data bases) as well as behavioural agents capable of varying degrees of computational intelligence from fixed rules to fully adaptive agents representing real world entities (such as banks or consumers). These agents operate in artificial environments that depict real time orientation and also complex interactions. By abandoning homogenous and rational agents paradigm, the ABM research can finally build a bridge between real world complexity and its simulated depiction in a manner in which it is fruitful both for the advance of science and for practitoners.

Increasing computational power and quality of data sources can be a herald of new era for finance and economics.



Our aim is to provide community with our contributions in the field of Agent-based modelling with special focus on large scale data based driven models of the financial sector from a network perspective, design and backtesting usage of algo trades in fully rebuilt order book ABM in Economics and Finance. We will provide in depth tutorial of the methods and algorithms of the methods that we deploy. ant to facilitate communication among professionals and researchers, inform about important events and publications.

In due course we hope that this portal will have a discussion/blog forum



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